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Why People of Good Taste Visit the Petoskey Area

As May rolls in and the cold weather rolls out (hopefully!), the need for comfort foods begins to reside a bit. But comfort or not, food is still a big part of our lives from everyday sustenance to celebratory meals, to seasonal favorites and memory-making dining experiences.

The Petoskey Area is the perfect place to visit if you’ve got an appetite for great tastes. Our small waterfront...

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Posted on April 24, 2018

Going on Now: Fabulous Fall & Foods in the Petoskey Area

Fall brings beautiful colors to the Petoskey Area, along with thoughts of pulling out the skis and snowshoes. The crisp, cool weather also seems to bring on appetites. Comfort foods take the place of salads and hot dogs as temperatures go south along with the geese, making this a perfect time to showcase the region’s many wonderful diners, restaurants and pubs.

From now until October 24th,...

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Posted on October 19, 2016

Great Tastes are Trending in the Petoskey Area

For everyone from the casual gourmet to the sophisticated foodie, the Petoskey Area is a diner’s paradise. In addition to the many top-notch restaurants and eateries in the region, there are also several establishments that offer farm-to-table freshness and tastes that can’t be found anywhere else. These make up the Petoskey Area Culinary Trail.

Farm markets

Several of our communities host...

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Posted on August 08, 2016

Boyne City Hosts 2016 National Morel Mushroom Festival

Boyne City, a charming resort town on the shores of Lake Charlevoix in northern Michigan, will host the National Morel Mushroom Festival for the 56 th straight year. This year’s festival will be held on May 11 – 15.

And what a festival it will be!  For a few days, everything in Boyne City will be all about these elusive delicacies.

Restaurants will prepare morel-laden entrees, craft beer block...

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Posted on April 15, 2016

A Hunting We Will Go – Morels, Petoskey Stones & Great Deals

As the winter white fades away in the Petoskey Area, it will soon be replaced by lush green golf courses, blankets of trillium and morels popping up just waiting to be picked.

Petoskey stones, Michigan’s State Stone, are pieces of fossilized coral that can be found along the Lake Michigan shoreline in many places – prominently along the water’s edge in Petoskey, but also inland, especially in...

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Posted on April 06, 2015

A little wine makes the best even better

One of the great things about the Petoskey Area is that the important things don’t change. The scenery remains beautiful, the people hospitable and the pace relaxed. One thing that has changed, however, is the addition of wineries to an already long list of things to partake in while visiting.

The first local vineyard, Pleasantview Winery, actually started back in 1994, in Harbor Springs....

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Posted on October 23, 2014

Morel Mania

As April heads into May, mighty hunters will head to the woods here in northern Michigan.

No guns will be carried, no licenses required – these hunters will be stalking the elusive morel mushroom.

Morel mushrooms are such a big thing here, that in Boyne City they hold the National Morel Mushroom Festival.  This is the 54th year for the festival and the nearby woods and clearings will be the...

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Posted on April 24, 2014

April Appetites

April in northern Michigan is somewhat of a segue season – winter is trying to leave, spring is attempting to arrive. This is a good time to visit the Petoskey Area if you’re just looking to relax, spend some time with someone you care about, and eat!

There are a wealth of terrific restaurants, diners and pubs to choose from in any season, but this April, there are some very special features...

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Posted on April 01, 2014